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On vacation? On a business trip?
Don't know where to Park your car.

If You decide to go on vacation by plane and want comfortable and inexpensive to reach the airport, You can drive to our car Park which is next to the airport "Borispol" the Boryspil, leave your car there, and is already taking a taxi (which will cost substantially cheaper if you were taking it from the house) to get to the airport.
This option is ideal if You have a night flight and live far from the airport "Borispol".

Many tourists flying on vacation or business, departing on a business trip, used to leave their car in long term Parking airports. But that return home was not too expensive and you would meet your car in the form in which you left it, we recommend our paid secure Parking close to the airport "Borispol". the Your car will always be in sight of the guard.

Parking lot on vacation is a better choice Parking for a week or two. the Closed area Parking mode under the clock security, patrol Parking provides the highest level of security for your vehicle.

the we always Have free space!

If the departure time of Your flight is rescheduled, at your service cheap apartment. In addition, it offers close to restaurant, bar.
Parking is guarded around the clock by security guards, at night turn on outdoor lighting.

Our Park is different from others? Our stop in Boryspil - it's a Parking lot, with a minimum cost per day. We also discounts in a paid Parking lot in Borispol for those who leave your car parked for longer than 14 days.

The problem Parking is always very serious. Leaving the car in unprotected areas, the motorist may face problems of deterioration of coatings from bullies, theft (car, wiper blades, wheel, values, etc.), or even lose your car due to theft. Putting the car in dedicated Parking (Parking lot) you will protect your car.

24 hours
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Low prices
20 UAH per day
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the airport Borispol