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If you have no garage, or how to keep a car on the street

Not so long ago you purchased the car, but leave it nowhere – you have no garage. Of course, the best option for car storage is a garage or dry box, but if there is no such possibility, it is necessary to leave the car under the open sky...

It is worth to observe some simple rules that your car was not damaged.

Firstly, pay due attention to the protective cover. It often happens that as case drivers use a piece of ordinary fabric, which not only protects the car.

But harm him – for example, during a rain the fabric is impregnated with water, and then long dry, which is bad for the paint, and causes corrosion!

Besides, if suddenly the temperature outside drops below zero, this wet cover will freeze to the car, and when removing it you risk serious damage to body paint.

It is best to use special protective covers made of waterproof fabric – so you can protect the body from the influence of atmospheric precipitation.

To place the case on the necessary props to him and the body of the car it leaves a gap – this is the best option.

In addition to environmental influences, for example rain, your car is subject to other hazards.

Never leave your car under the trees – there are a few negative aspects.

Secondly, often trees, especially conifers, derived resin, which, once on the car, very badly cleaned.

Thirdly, during strong winds or hurricane there is a great risk that your car will drop a broken tree branch, his top or even the trunk!

After this damage the car repairs will cost a lot of money.

For the same reason, never leave the car close under the Windows of multi-storey buildings – sometimes people are thrown from the Windows, trash, cigarette butts and other items that can bring damage to your car.

By the way, Park the car next to trash containers is not worth it – when they discharge there is a risk of falling objects or even the container itself.

It is not necessary to leave the vehicle and near the heating pipes, water supply, gas supply for a long time – it can interfere with emergency services during the accident.

And besides, it can be damaged by the failure of the pipeline or during its repair.

If you don't have a garage, it is advisable to leave your car at paid Parking lots – you're sure with your car nothing will happen.

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