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Parking rules

If your car stays overnight in the open Parking lot and there is a suspicion that tomorrow morning, the wiper blades will freeze to the glass, the evening will unbend them, and shove something under the arm of the brush holder, so as to prevent contact of the brush wiper with the glass.
At the bottom of all cars is the muffler, catalytic Converter, resonators, exhaust pipe. While driving all of these elements can be quite heated, and as almost all cars is very low, after a stop under the car can ignite dry grass, pieces of any paper or rags, you never know what is lying on the roadside or in your garage. Note this feature of the car.

When Parking, try to put your car to another car, even intentionally hitting him was difficult.

To Park in a narrow space, so that was quick and beautiful, it is in reverse. The fact that the "face" of your car, so it does not protrude, it is possible to turn right or left. Turn the wheel until it stops, just trentes ago and you will see that the "face" started to shift, i.e. "to hide". And with "ass" it will not work, so I hide it in place, i.e. Park to reverse.

Do not leave a car parked under the trees, under wires and near high-rise buildings. Trees with falling leaves or buds, which in wet weather can leave stains on the surface of the car. On the wires can sit bird droppings which is having to paint an irreversible impact. Near houses may occur such trouble: your car is worth, without disturbing anyone, this time approaching the house in his car some "gentleman" and begins to call his girlfriend, embossing with intricate horn melodies. Nervous residents can't be bothered to figure out which car violates their peace, that goes out the window everything they will fall under the arm. Or just the ashtray you shake on the roof, then go and figure it out from what window it arrived.

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